The Hot Gold Hush of Noon - By Mirella

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2021

 It is midsummer- a time beyond the hectic, compressing year of unveiling. We are sitting on the bank of Expedition Pass Reservoir, leafy gums hang flirtations of shade, as the sun beams down like hot wild honey. 

It is just us. We sit side-by-side, eyes closed taking in the stillness of this moment. I sleepily open my eyelids and glance sideways to take in your blissed out expression. A bead of sweat rolls from your hairline down your cheek. You sense my gaze and open your eyes to meet mine. You give me a wink. 

The gesture is like a dart to my loins and I feel a flush to my already reddened cheeks. You notice the subtle blush and extend a gentle, but cheeky smile. 


You shuffle a little closer so that our legs touch. The contact of skin-on-skin under the blistering sun builds instant heat, creating a boundary of sweat between us. The hand that is closest to my body rests gently on my thigh and your hand opens slightly, so that your index and middle...

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