1a. Affiliate Dashboard & Affiliate Links

Your affiliate dashboard is unique to you and includes your unique affiliate URL and all your commissions will be automatically recorded when someone uses your link to make a purchase. 

The affiliate tracking depends on the cookie that your unique affiliate URL drops when the customer clicks on. This means the following needs to happen in order for your commission to register on our database so you can be paid.

(1) Purchase is made within 30 days after clicking on the unique affiliate URL. This means if someone clicks on the URL and does not make a purchase, they will need to re-click the URL and make a purchase within 30 days of re-clicking,

(2) They have used the same browser to purchase when they have clicked on the link, and

(3) They do not clear their browser's cookie before making the purchase.

*Please Note: We do not back pay affiliate payments manually so please make sure that if you have referred someone - they use your unique affiliate link. Please check in with the person to make sure that they found WILDGRACE through you and not someone else, before giving them the affiliate link to use to sign up for the initiations.


*Please notify your referrals of the following to make sure your affiliate commission is recorded. 

1. Apply for an Initiation through our website. When they apply, they're asked to name who they found WILDGRACE through. If your name is written in that section, our sales team will reach out to you to make sure you have given them your unique affiliate link(s).

2. Book a free discovery call with our sales team (booking link will be provided to them after they submit their application).

3. Our sales team will give them your unique affiliate link again to make sure they purchase through it.



If someone uses your affiliate link to register for an offering and pays in full, your commission will be 5% of the total amount minus GST and the payment processing fee. 

All paid in full commission payments are made quarterly (every three months).

If someone uses your affiliate link to register for an offering on a payment plan, your commission will be 5% of the total amount minus GST and the monthly payment processing fees.

All payment plan commission payments are made in the following quarterly payout cycle after the payment plan has been paid in full. 

We will pay you via PayPal. It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal email is accurate and up-to-date. You can change your Paypal email in your Affiliate Dashboard in Settings. 


3. Restrictions


3a. Intellectual Property

We highly value our participants’ rights and any photos/videos/audios you gain access to when registering as an Affiliate have been shared for the exclusive use for WILDGRACE LLC promotions, and remain the intellectual property of WILDGRACE LLC, so we appreciate you using these images solely for this purpose.


3b. Personal Purchases

You cannot use this link for personal purchases. Any instance where we discover you have used for personal purchase will not be applied. 


4. Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsement guidelines for affiliate marketing. This means that they recommend you to disclose when you are promoting with your unique affiliate URL so your community is aware that you are receiving compensation if they buy one of our products through your link. You can click here to check out their guidelines.


5. Terminations

We can end this affiliate relationship and so can you.